The subject of the investment project is a participation in an investment company - espacially for real estate in tourism, which is founded in the legal form of a German investment limited commercial partner-ship consisting of a general partner and a limited partner (GmbH & Co. KG). HOREAL Management- and Beteiligungsgesellschaft mbH is based in Frankfurt, will be acting as general partner and management company of the investment limited partnership („KG“). 


The company intends to generate an amount of investment up to € 500 million from investors who believe in the resurgence of tourism in Europe and Medeteranian region and invest in hotels, leisure facilities and tourism service providers. The investment project is addressed to institutional and private investors, such as funds, high net worth families and people with an interest in economics. Objects of purchase are particularly distressed loans and distressed properties. 


The aim of the investment company is to create a medium-term, highly profitable and value-adding portfolio to the named tourist objects, which should be purchased at the currently generated value, based on the current EBITDA. Depending on the stabilization of the economic situation and the recovery of tourism in some of the region the properties should be sold after about seven years at a higher value.